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Vaccinations for Travel offers much more than just yellow fever vaccination. Our clinic provides a  full travel health, medical and vaccination service for international travel. Apart from yellow fever vaccine, our Sydney clinic offers all the usual travel vaccinations as well as others including rabies, Japanese encephalitis, cholera and meningitis. We also have the essential knowledge and experience to prescribe appropriate anti-malarial medication. Our clinic also stocks a wide range of medical kits to treat illnesses during travel as well as a range of healthy travel products.


If you are travelling to a region with yellow fever transmission then it is highly probable that you will require other vaccinations to guarantee your trip is a safe and memorable one. Other travel vaccinations that might be considered include your basic vaccinations (eg tetanus, polio), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid. Other travellers may require additional more specialised vaccinations like meningitis, rabies or cholera. The doctor at our Sydney Vaccinations for Travel clinic will examine your specific itinerary, discuss the risks of illness and recommend the specific vaccinations that you will require to protect your health. Consultations at our clinic are conducted in a relaxed, informative and non-pressured way so that you are comfortable with your travel health choices. Detailed written information is part of your consultation.


In many areas where yellow fever transmission occurs, malaria is often a significant risk. During the consultation at out Sydney clinic, our doctor will also assess your risk of malaria and will make a recommendation of the most appropriate form of malaria prevention. We also provide tailor-made travel medical kits for self treatment of illnesses if they occur and we stock a wide range of healthy travel products.

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