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Vaccinations for Travel is a specialised travel health, vaccination and medical clinic located in Parramatta, Sydney Australia. Our clinic has provided a respected travel health and medical service for almost two decades. The clinic was established by Dr Andrew Rylatt, one of Australia's most trusted and experienced travel health providers. Our Sydney clinic has advised and supported tens of thousands of international travellers resulting in rewarding and healthy journeys abroad.


Vaccinations for Travel is a trusted World Health Organisation (WHO) yellow fever authorised vaccination centre located in Sydney. Our clinic is authorised to administer vaccination for yellow fever and provide appropriate documentation which may be required by customs to enter certain countries, including Australia. Our Sydney clinic has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are given the best advice for your trip and that your yellow fever vaccination is administered safely and correctly. Vaccinations for Travel in Sydney is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).


Vaccinations for Travel offers much more than just yellow fever vaccination. Our clinic provides a  full travel health, medical and vaccination service for international travel. Apart from yellow fever vaccine, our Sydney clinic offers all the usual travel vaccinations as well as others including rabies, Japanese encephalitis, cholera and meningitis. We also have the essential knowledge and experience to prescribe appropriate anti-malarial medication. Our clinic also stocks a wide range of medical kits to treat illnesses during travel as well as a range of healthy travel products.


To book an appointment at our clinic please call 02 9891 4850.



(02) 9891 4850


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