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Welcome to Vaccinations for Travel, a WHO authorised yellow fever immunisation clinic located in Parramatta, Sydney Australia. Our Sydney clinic offers complete health, medical and vaccine services for international travel. Our clinic is accredited to administer yellow fever vaccine and issue a valid certificate of vaccination for international travel which may be required for visas, customs and immigration authorities.


Many international travellers journey through regions where yellow fever transmission occurs and where vaccination against yellow fever must be considered as part of their pre-travel preparation. Vaccinations for Travel provides a trusted, authoritative and respected yellow fever vaccination service for all  travellers visiting these regions. Our Sydney clinic offers a comprehensive health, medical and immunisation service for travellers. Our Sydney clinic can help you prepare for visits to areas where yellow fever vaccination is a requirement. Many travellers to these regions will also require other vaccinations and advice about other important issues including malaria and dengue fever prevention and management of illnesses during travel.


Vaccinations for Travel is a trusted World Health Organisation (WHO) yellow fever authorised vaccination clinic located in Parramatta, Sydney. Our clinic doctors are authorised to administer vaccination for yellow fever and provide appropriate documentation which may be required by international customs to enter certain countries, including Australia. Our Sydney immunisation clinic has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are given the best advice for your trip and that your yellow fever vaccine is administered safely and correctly. Vaccinations for Travel clinic in Sydney is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).


This site provides critical information about yellow fever vaccine requirements, yellow fever vaccination and discusses many of the important issues regarding yellow fever immunisation. We hope you find this information useful and look forward to your visit to our Sydney clinic for your  pre-travel consultation. Please call our Vaccinations for Travel on 9891 4850 for an appointment at our Sydney clinic.


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